With so many ways to watch TV content now, Televised Revolution is here to help navigate through the abundance of content and delivery platforms that exist now. We just want to help make sense of it all.

The website

Here you can find opinion pieces about the way that we watch TV, its distribution, and new approaches to the medium. We also feature regular columns like The US Wrap and The UK Wrap to provide a quick guide to what’s of importance in those two overseas markets. The Televised Revolution website also offers TV reviews of shows of interest, snapshots of foreign language shows you would otherwise rarely hear much about, and unique insights into television like Mike Nugents semi-regular column that explores the way society shapes what we see on TV.

The Podcasts

Televised Revolution publishes two weekly podcasts that further the discussion of what we offer on the website.

The “Televised Revolution” podcast is a weekly panel show that examines the weeks TV industry news, while also offering TV viewing suggestions and insights into television culture. This is recorded live to air every Sunday night at 6PM AEST. Listeners are welcome to join the conversation and watch us record live via YouTube (video links are posted on the site just minutes before we go live). We encourage people to Tweet and email us as the show goes live to air.

Our second podcast is “Televised Revolution: In Review” which features reviews of TV shows that have aired that week in their country of origin.


The Televised Revolution YouTube channel runs a number of different shows each week. Video of the Televised Revolution and Televised Revolution: In Review podcasts are both published every week. Additionally we publish various short-run programs. As Big Brother runs on Channel 9, each Sunday night we’ve produced a weekly discussion program about the show. Also, we’ve launched a weekly trivia game show that will run over ten weeks called Television Squares.